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Aluminum Anodizing Services

For customers seeking to achieve a cost effective, energy efficient, high quality magnetic system, Ano-Mag offers customized anodized magnetic coils and advanced coil processing services. Our anodized coils offer unlimited lift potential and boast abrasion, corrosion, and radiation resistance as well as the ability to maintain electrical insulation properties. Further product benefits include longevity, lower operating temperatures, excellent heat transfer and lowered hot spots in magnetized systems. Our anodizing method utilizes a specialized process employing a 135 ft continuous anodizing line and duplex sealing with hot water and nickel. This technique produces a uniform coating with a consistent finish edge to edge and coil to coil. Anodized coatings are possible in thicknesses from .0004 in (400 VDC) minimum to .001 in, and color finishes are also available. Ano-Mag is the only domestic U.S.A. provider to offer this exclusive process.

Customers are invited to take advantage of our job shop capabilities which provides a range of coil processing options including coil winding, coil assembly, and fully taped magnet coils including lead. With a minimum inner diameter of 3 in and 96 in maximum outer diameter, all of our anodized-magnet-strip includes coil conditioning, cleaning and edging. Strip widths are from 0.125 in to 24 in, meeting tolerances of ±0.005 in. Coil coating lines and infrared ovens are employed to apply varnishes and polyamides along with specialized aerospace and industrial finishes. Multiple finishes are available including chemical films. All processes meet the rigorous standards of ASTM and Mil-Spec MIL-A-8625 covering anodic coatings, and are thoroughly tested utilizing measurement tests and wet coating gauges.

Customers include companies in the magnetic lifting and separating industry, with a range of anodized magnet strip incorporated into 100 % duty cycle units and high heat applications along with standard circular lifting and inline oil cooled separators. We cater to OEM, job shop repairs, single system designs along with providing master coils anodized to customer specified inner diameter / outer diameter and resistance requirements, all backed by a 10 year warranty, delivered ready for installation.

Typical turnaround times are 4 weeks, with quotes given per job. Rush services are also available, with production volumes from prototype to low and high volumes. Ancillary value added services include coil quality analysis, and ohms measurements. We also wind oval shaped magnet coils, each shipped with a water jet center plate for exact shape systems.


Product NameAnodized Magnetic Coils
General CapabilitiesConsulting
Primary CapabilitiesCoil Assembly
Coil Conditioning
  • Cleaning
  • Edging
Coil Winding
Continuous Anodizing Line
Interleave Coil Winding
Varnishes and Polyamides
Chemical Film Cleaning
Nickel Seal/Hot Water Seal
Black Foil
Multiple Finishes


Materials UsedAluminum
Equipment Used to
Manufacture Parts
135 ft Continuous Anodizing Line
Aluminum Slitting Machine
Edge Conditioning Equipment
Infrared Baking Line
Coil Winding Equipment
Part Width0.250 to 24 in
Maximum Outer Diameter96 in
Tightest Tolerance (±)0.005 in
Turnaround Time Standard: 4 weeks
Quoted on Job by Job Basis
Rush Services Available
Industry for UseMagnetic
Standards MetMil-Spec (MIL-A-8625) - Military Specifications
ASTM - American Society for Testing
and Materials