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Continuous Coil Degreasing and Cleaning

At Ano-Mag, we offer a full suite of services designed to remove rolling lubricants and greases from a coil’s surface, regardless of length. Our process includes submerging coil lengths in a 40 ft bath filled with the most appropriate degreasing agent for the material being used. This removes oils and contaminates from the coil’s surface, thereby pre-treating coil stock for additional in-house processing later as well as ensuring a prime mill surface finish. After degreasing, coils are carefully rewound and can be used for immediate application or delivery – leaving no additional concern for contamination.

We can treat coil lengths with dimensions ranging from .0015 in to .050 in. in thickness and .125 in to 24 in. in width, with a tolerance of ±.0001 in. Coil degreasing is one of our unique applications that removes concern for single part processes and provides advantages for inspection and quality control. Our team has performed rolling lubricant removal on aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and other exotic materials.

Our ANO-MAG degrease services can handle volumes between 1 lb and 1,000,000 lb within a 2 to 3 days lead time. All coil lubricant and contaminate removal is performed to exact customer specifications. Rewound coils are returned to exact original form and can be shipped to our customers worldwide. To learn more about our continuous coil degreasing services, please see the table below, or contact us directly.


Capabilities Applied / Processes Primary: Coil Lengths Submerged in Degreasing Agent to Remove Process Oils and Contaminants from Coil Surface
Secondary: Re-Wind Coil Lengths in Prime Condition for Use in Immediate Application with No Concern for Contamination
Equipment Used to Manufacture Parts 40 ft Bath Filled with Degrease Agent per Material Requirement
ExpertisePretreat of All Coil Stock for Any Processing Done In-House
Coil Thickness .0015 to .050 in
Coil Width .125 to 24 in
Tightest Tolerance (±) .0001 in
Materials UsedAluminum
Stainless Steel
Material FinishPrime Mill Surface Finish
Industry for UseManufacturing
Any Application Where Oil is a Concern
Production Volume1 to 1,000,000 lb
Turnaround Time2 to 3 days
Delivery LocationGlobal
Standards MetCustomer Specifications
2D CAD Drawing
Product NameDegrease Continuous Coils
Additional FactsWound Back into Original Coil Length for Delivery