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Unique to Ano-Mag is the diverse arrangement of process applications that would otherwise be untenable were it not for our skill at servicing a new market. R & D is contributing to a significant demand in low mass, high out-put energy applications with high heat resistance; Ano-Mag is a leader in new Nano Technologies.

Development of an in-line thin gauge foil system has opened the market to a fully anodized foil surface with color dye and seal on aluminum as thin as .00075″. This technical breakthrough has provided a platform for fabricating substrates with a user defined purpose. As an emerging market, nano technologies have a wide ranging and yet undefined application as “limits” was defined in labs and research facilities.

Ano-Mag has realized this market and developed a functional, full-scale and fully synchronized process to control surface topography and a delivered quantity able to meet real world demands. Production is fully tunable to each R2R application and applicable to the most sensitive of theories.

Nano Technology

  • Exact control in a continuous Roll to Roll Form
  • High-Throughput
  • Surface Texturing
  • Ideal for wetting
  • Synthesis for inorganic and organic compounds


  • Optical
  • Chemical
  • Substrate solar cell
  • Nanopore Supercapacitors
  • Photovoltaic